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Diggeroid Parts

Most diggeroids are organized like this: there is a head unit (Special Head), which is a drill, or a plasma panel with lights, that digs. Or like Batman's car head that eats rock or bulk, i.e. a robot geologist. Or maybe spy equipment or a cannon. This is the basic part that defines the specialization of the bot.
Then, there is a common parts of each diggeroid: Energy Block, Generator, but the generator can be absent. An Energy Block is a battery or accumulator, and a Generator is something that generates energy. Roughly speaking, you have a gasoline-powered car - it has an energy generator and a battery.

Energy Block - battery, Generator - replenishes it with gasoline. And the last thing in the overall robot part is the mover (Moving Parts), this is what allows the robot to move. These can be jets or little legs. Energy can be stored, extracted, and used for movement in different ways.
Cargo Block - cargo area, can be different. There are robots with a huge cargo bay, there are robots with a small one.
Tails (Waldo), they can be several pieces, up to 4, they are also optional and you can insert something into them. So each robot has a set of slots in it, something can be inserted into these slots. By default, the robot comes with pre-installed parts. When we change them, the robot's behavior changes.
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