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Diggeroid Specializations

We strive to create more realistic and engaging game mechanics. One important element of this commitment is the introduction of specialization in resource extraction for robots. In this article, we will explore how different types of robots can specialize in resource extraction, ensuring efficient resource utilization and enriching the game experience.
Driller: a master at mining a variety of materials.
Driller is a robot that is brilliant at mining different types of materials, be it rocks, sand or other geological formations. Its main advantage is its high mining speed, which allows it to collect resources in large quantities. Driller specialization lies in its versatility and maximum mining ability. It is an indispensable assistant when large amounts of various resources need to be mined.
Plazmer: cost-effective crystal mining with high precision.
Plazmer is a robot that specializes exclusively in crystal mining. Unlike the Driller, the Plazmer does not have a high mining speed, but it makes up for it by being economical and highly accurate. It is capable of striking a higher number of hits per crystal, making it an ideal choice for areas with dense and large crystal deposits. However, the plasmmer requires the mining area to be prepared beforehand in order to work.
Evolving the game experience through specialization.
The introduction of specialization in resource extraction not only enriches players' gaming experience, but also stimulates the development of strategic thinking and planning. Players are given the opportunity to choose the most suitable robot depending on the terrain characteristics and mining goals. It also opens new horizons for game developers, allowing them to create more diverse and engaging game mechanics.
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