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Damage System

We have a Damage System, it will consist of two parts: the Hull Shield Battery, which protects the hull and is measured in HP. The red line of HP is first full, then it discharges, the diggeroid is defenseless, collapses and explodes. Mechanism - it explodes and then respawns, with nothing expended. It's hard to explain in terms of physics how this happens. We understand that when our HP is zero, we need to destroy that robot and recreate the same one. HP = 0, you explode, reappear the same but with full HP on respawn.

Very rarely breakage of a spare part happens when a robot is caught by a mine or a cannon, with a small probability of death some spare part may break and will need repair.

Right now there will only be the Hull Shield Battery system, after that we will add the second part: Parts Breakage. Parts Breakage is important so that there are burn mechanics in the economy.
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