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You can notice that near the rocks there is a glow from the crystals, it was not. This was done by our unit developer Max in a very tricky way. We tried to make thousands of light sources, it naturally overloaded the CPU and everything else, but Max made a custom pervertex lighting that gives this result.
Now we have lighting not only next to crystals, but also lava. We are experimenting with shapes, we tried to rotate small blocks, it is clear that if you get away from absolutely flat blocks - it will be good.
Look at another picture, here the rocks are generated in arbitrary shapes.
So far this is the simplest algorithm, everything is beaten into triangles and connected to each other, and the sides are made faces.
You can see the panel at the bottom, we are experimenting with UI.
Thanks for reading, write what you think, we'll keep the developer blog going!
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