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Stages of our Mechanics Development

In developing features for ERZ Online we follow a three-stroke system, taking a series of steps, each of which plays a key role in creating quality gameplay. We start with the first stage, where we roll out a technical demo to evaluate the technical capabilities of the new mechanics. During the technical demo phase, we focus on testing the infrastructure, ensuring that the technical part of the project is stable.
This technical demo becomes the starting point for concept development, which later becomes the basis for the build presented to players. The next step is the creation of the gameplay concept, where we evaluate the depth and potential of the innovations and prevent possible abuses.
Running-in is the final stage, where all the elements are merged into the finalized mechanics. For example, the graphics and gear mechanics have successfully passed technodemo and concept run-in, and at this point, only careful tweaking of details is required.
For example, at the moment PvP and clans, are being tested at the technical demo stage. Here we are defining the basic parameters for a future powerful concept.
Moving on to the clan mechanics, we are working through them in three areas. The first is an active game with a base of skirmishes. The second involves defending territories and building security with afk. The third direction is to think about how clans will work on infrastructure, clan recruitment, and managing the internal economy.
Plans for February include rolling out technical demos of base scrum and territory defense. The second phase for these will be finalized in March/April. In this way, clan mechanics are being developed incrementally, and we plan to reach a buzzworthy version by fall.
The approach described ensures that the mechanics are continuously improved and refined, taking into account feedback from players. It's important to recognize that creating quality gameplay takes time and a step-by-step approach, where tinkering becomes a key element in the process.
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