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First Version of Progression

We asked ourselves: how can we make the gaming experience even more exciting and unique? The search for new solutions has led us to an interesting idea: to abandon standard skills in favor of a variety of equipment. Let's find out what this concept is all about and how it can change the way we look at games.
Standard character development models often suffer from being limited and predictable. If your robot only has five pre-defined skills, where is there room for individuality and strategy? You can't just change skills at will, and it robs the game of extra excitement.
So we thought: what if instead of standard skills, players were given different items with unique properties? Imagine a world where every lamp, battery or protective field generator has its own characteristics and can change the way you play. This gives the game new facets and opportunities for creativity.
Each item, whether it's a rare lamp or a battery with unique properties, can be installed into free slots on your robot. And when you install it, you start swinging it around like you're pumping levels in a classic RPG.
Despite some disadvantages, such as limiting the ability to quickly change play styles, this system offers many advantages. First, it reduces the influence of "pay to win," making the game more balanced and fair. Second, it adds depth of strategy: you have to choose your gear carefully and plan your actions in advance.
And so, instead of our usual "5 skill+suit" system, we move to the exciting "slots and pumpable gear" system. This is a new stage in the evolution of gameplay design, which gives players more opportunities for self-expression and creativity.
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